Blockchain in TN

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The alliance has been established under section 501(c)6 of the tax code – a non profit association dedicated to the promotion of business methods and issue advocacy for blockchain-centered entrepreneurs, investors, inventors and stakeholders.

Blockchain in TN

Blockchain in Tennessee

More than growing and thriving, the market for blockchain technology is exploding:

Monthly blockchain industry meetups in Nashville draw hundreds of participants from the metro area alone. Dozens of new blockchain startups open their doors every week. Initial Coin Offerings and Token Launches are providing legitimate crowdfunding opportunities and the investment community is responding like we haven’t seen since the DotCom era of the late 90s. Businesses across the country continue to find innovative uses and applications for blockchain technology, from fundraising to health care to business records to voting. Overall, the industry has grown too fast for state legislatures to keep up. In the resulting vacuum of uncertainty, blockchain businesses are waiting for governments to recognize their needs, address their concerns, and invite them to succeed.

Strong Advocacy

The Tennessee Blockchain Alliance will package those needs and concerns to appropriate government officials to ensure that, when the dust settles, Tennessee has issued an invitation for success to the blockchain industry.